U.S. Army Survival Manual | Field Manual 21-76

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Army Survival Manual is the finest single source for self-reliance for all extreme circumstances. A must for anyone who wants to know how to survive in primitive conditions. The book is very straightforward with many pictures and user-friendly illustrations, written in easy to understand language. This is just some of the survival information that this book provides:

  • All-climates: arctic, tropics, temperate forest, savannah or desert.
  • All-terrain survival tactics.
  • The Will to Survive.
  • Identify poisonous snakes, as well as edible and non-edible plants.
  • Survival Medicine.
  • Wilderness medicine.
  • Techniques on first aid.
  • Survival in the hottest or coldest of climates.
  • Survival Planning.
  • Make polluted water potable.
  • How to find water.
  • Ways to trap and collection techniques of water.
  • Covers navigation and compass use.
  • Find direction using the sun and stars.
  • Weapons and Tools.
  • Recognizing signs of land when lost at sea.
  • Building life-saving shelters.
  • Traps and snares.
  • How to prepare wild game to be cooked also preserving food.
  • All types of fire making.
  • Water Crossings.
  • Find direction using the sun and stars.
  • Physical and mental fitness.
  • Disaster preparedness.

Again this is just some of the survival information is this book.