Enjoy Handplanes | Baby Buddha Fish

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Size: 12" x 7"
Skill Level: Adult: Intermediate to Advanced. Youth: Beginner to Advanced
Body Size: All
Wave: Excels in fast and hollow waves. Good body surfers can use these in anything.
Wave size: 3ft +
Perks: Good surface area in a smaller-template handplane. Smaller size equals quicker swim, easier punch out the back and less strain on your arm and shoulder. The better you get the more you'll like this handplane. Add a GoPro for POV barrel footage!
Colour: Chris Del Moro Good Vibes Ship - exclusive to Drifter.
Materials: Upcycled surfboard foam from broken surfboards or manufacturing waste. Entropy bio-derived VOC-free epoxy resin. Upcycled neoprene from used wetsuits.